Blue Trawl- 2014

Creation Research Grant in Dance, Colombian Ministry of Culture 2014. Premiered in Santa Marta, Colombia.

This project is inspired by previous research for the play “The Calling of the Shells” and is directed by Olga Barrios, and co-created with artist Oscar Leone. Guests artists include Octavo Plástico Collective Cartagena, Musician Gustavo Ibañez, dancer Aida Mena, visual artist Sergio Orozco, and 10 guest dancers from the Universidad del Atlántico de Barranquilla’s dance programme. For the research project we worked with fishermen from the ​​Pozos Colorados area in Santa Marta.

With “Blue Trawl”, we intend to have an experimental approach from contemporary dance, video and sound design, in order to communicate the feeling if a Colombian region. Specifically the Caribbean feeling, the sea, breeze, warmth, the Tumbao (a way people move), and specially an activity of great social importance in the region: trawling. This activity allowed us to understand how many communities in the Caribbean weave their life, and how a whole universe linked to the sea and the region is generated.

As a result, we have shown site-specific performances in March 2014 at the Pozos Colorados beach (Santa Marta), bringing together elements of dance, performance, installation (including some fishermen as part of the performance). In September 2014 we had a premier presentation of the piece for theatre, at the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino.