The Calling of the Shells – 2006

This piece is an experimental approach between contemporary dance and video, inspired on the sensation of moving to the Caribbean, being from the mountains. Touching the ocean, feeling the wind and warmth of the people, el “tumbao” (the swing in people’s body when they move) inspired this work. Telling the different ways of living in this place, its landscapes and people. There is a message – a call- about the problems human beings are causing to the earth that contrast with the warmth of the Caribbean sensation.

Choreographer and Performer: Olga Barrios
Guest Performer: Oscar Leone
Video: Francisco Saade
Assistant: Alicia Rengifo
Music: Canciones de mi Barrio (Nelson Madela 1); Curupira – Album I, II; Manguala Album; Kuntu Album.
Music Editing: Carlos Satizabal, Francisco Saade
Lighting Designer: Francisco Saade
Costume: Gloria Salazar