Sangre 2010 – 2009

Sangre is a choreographic series of three multidisciplinary works where the staging of the dance is supported by elements of video, music and theatre. The research explores the relationship between these artistic languages through the subject of dehumanization in acts of war. This work was developed and created by Olga Barrios between 2009 and 2010 in Toronto, Canada.

“Many places in the world deal with social conflicts that have lasted for a long time.  My country of origin, Colombia, is a country with strong issues of social violence, which are related to the social/political environment of inequality and corruption. This conflict has lasted more than four decades and its end seems farther away every day.  Because of this continuing situation and its involvement in every phase of Colombian society, virtually everyone has a story to tell.  Every day there are news of horrendous acts that happen in small towns, usually affecting innocent people caught in the middle of the conflict. Most people in Colombia no longer know to whom this conflict belongs, or what motivates it.  We just have to live with its consequences, the fear in the atmosphere, and the dehumanization of war.  There are many acts related to this social violence of war. Based on the resonance of some of these acts, such as kidnapping, massacres and forced displacement, I began the choreographic process of the series Sangre, the Spanish word which means “blood”.  Each one of the works on this series was focused on one of these acts.  “Behind Windows” was initiated by the theme of kidnapping, “Los Ausentes” was focused on a massacre, and the dance installation “Moving Earth” was centered in images of forced displacements.

The physical distance from Colombia when developing this piece, allowed me to explore the thematic”. Olga