Behind Windows

A solo dance piece inspired on the dehumanization of violence through acts of war. This is a multidisciplinary exploration in which the staging of dance is supported by elements of theatre, video, and music.

In this piece I recount stories of women and men from Colombia, my country of origin. Though these are not events from my own personal history, I feel they are part of my story: there is fear in the atmosphere of a silent war.

Choreographer and performer: Olga Barrios
Lighting designer and video artist: Trevor Schwellnus
Sound editor: Diego Marulanda
Costume: Mariela Súarez de Barrios
Music: Excerpt of Kentucky Fried Medulla by Mecca Bodega, Excerpt of “la guagua- Colombian Launge” by Senen Palacio, Excerpt of “Mi verso y yo” El Cholo.