May 8
Sangre, Behind Windows. Festival Impulsos. Bogotá – Colombia

April 16
Behind Windows. An evening of Latina American Dance. Vanguardia Dance Projects. Winchester Theatre. Toronto – Canada

March 30
Travelodge of the Bereaved Wind in the Leaves Collective. University of Toronto. Toronto – Canada

March 13-27
Nohayquiensepa. Aluna Theatre. Theatre Centre. Toronto – Canada



November 29
Sangre, exploration. Women on Stage Festival for Peace. Bogotá – Colombia

November 21
Nohayquiensepa. Aluna Theatre. Women on Stage Festival for Peace. Bogotá – Colombia

November 20
Behind Windows. Bogotá Dance Festival. Bogotá – Colombia

October 2
Homage to Guernica. Nuit Blanche. Toronto – Canada

September 18
The Shower. Colombian Diaspora Festival. Harbourfront Centre. Toronto – Canada

August 5 – 15
Ixok. Summerworks Festival. Toronto – Canada

June 10-13
Moving Earth. Hamilton Site-Specific Dance Festival. Hamilton – Canada

June 5
The Shower. Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival. River Run Centre. Guelph-Canada

April 17
Moving Earth. Hotsopot Gallery. Toronto – Canada

May 16-17
Moving Earth. Arta Gallery. Distillery District. Toronto – Canada

January 27-30
Los Ausentes. York University. Toronto – Canada



November 5
Behind Windows. Mohawk College. Hamilton – Canada

October 28-30
Behind Windows. York University. Toronto – Canada

August 16
Light. Young Centre for the Performing Arts. Distillery District. Toronto – Canada

August 6,8,10,11,14,15
Nohayquiensepa. Aluna Theatre. Summerworks Festival. Factory Theatre. Toronto – Canada

May 27
The Passengers. Lower Ossington Theatre. Toronto – Canada

February 1
Nohayquiensepa. Aluna Theatre. Hatch Festival. Harbourfront Centre. Toronto – Canada