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Dance Instalation

A series of dance installations in unconventional space (either museum space, or an old house), where dance dialogue with other artistic disciplines and with the architectural space, evoking statements of identity of the artist, where she opens questions from her intimacy and pulsations of her origin as a mixed race woman in a contemporary society. Such as: What is being mixed race? What is the richness of diversity?

 It is presented as a series of three (3) installations that include dance, video, plastic elements and sound landscape, through which the public travels with the artist.

The creative team is: In the sound and musical composition Edgardo Moreno, in visual advice / dramaturgy Oscar Leone, video editor Sergio Orozco, the plastic artist/custome advice Mary Navarro, the percussionist Camilito Ruiz, photography by Tatiana Laborde and John Jaramillo

The work has a duration of 30 minutes and the public is sought to enter and tour each of the environments, guided by the artist and the activation of each installation, creating a route of travel through the architecture and history of the place.

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