Between Lines: Generating the creative movement

This workshop aims to explore the inner rhythm that creates the individual movement ans its relationship with the surrounding physical space. Through different exercises each participant will explore the universe of their own rhythm as it relates to music, interactions with space and other individuals and the cumulative relationship of all these interactions. This workshop is directed to actors, dancers and people interested on corporal research and is open to adults.


Latin Jazz

This workshop focuses on the jazz technique with Latin style movements. Each session has two parts, one focused on the physical movement, the rhythm, coordination exercises and movements of the Latin Jazz technique, all under a contemporary concept. The second part focuses on the choreographic development of a group piece created during the workshop, where the participants can explore different aspects of composition.



An integrate dance that combines movements of diverse Latin dances as Salsa, Merengue and Afro-Caribbean. The class focuses on the movement style, cardio work and enjoyment of dancing. This class can be taken individually or in groups and a partner is not required.