Enigma F- 2011

A dance work that includes music technology, video projections and installation performance based on gender narrative.

The work is a reflection coming from a micro world, being that world the essence of a woman and her feelings in relation with the macro world that affects her in a positive or negative manner and influence her environment.

Enigma F reflects on the complex gender parity.

This work is also an invitation to think about the importance of auto-critic, the comprehension of the weaknesses and insecurity developed by false pretenses imposed by society, media or fashion.  It also mirrors the fragility and strength of many women and men acts.

The work does not pretend to give a lesson or anything similar, is just a way to express anOther position in the world about the reiterative subject, that even though it is reiterative, still reveals new paths, new horizons and landscapes in a contemporary world.

This project won the Ontario Arts Council Interdisciplinary Arts Creation Grant, 2011.