Labyrinthic Dream – 1996

Creation Grant, Cultural Institute, City Hall of Bogota.

Developed in five acts, this piece talks about the games and labyrinths in dreams – “something ignored or destiny for the man happens at night or through the labyrinth of our dreams”.

“The labyrinth is the symbol of our tortuous time, it shows us the alienation phenomenom: human beings are strangers of their lives, their actions, lives codified without a centre; shadows that dissolve in the abstract contrast of the labyrinth: the transmuted world and the abyss of the madness of the actual world.”

Original production on BlancOscuro Dance Company
Choreography: Olga Barrios, Monica Monroy, John Henry Gerena
Set Design: BlancOscuro
Musical Advisor: Oscar Pinzón
Costume: Luz Mary Cardona